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A warm welcome to the (un-oficial) Clan Drummond website.   The Clan Drummond pages will provide an overview of Clan Drummond.  With Clan Drummond's various links to Scottish royalty, genecide against the Murray's, dislike of the McDonald's, close links to the Stuart's, the poisoning of the kings mistress Margaret Drummond and her two younger sisters, joining the Jacobite rebellions, battles against the English (and one with the english!!!), and even a ghost story, the Drummond Clan has a most fascinating, rich and noble history.


But that's not all, we want you to help make this site the interesting and informative go to place for everything Drummond.  Your research, written history, photos and stories can all add great depth to this site, so please let me know if you would like to contribute.

Drummond History

Clan Drummond is rich in history, myth and contraversy - discover where Clan Drummond originated from and who made it great

Castles of Drummond

Explore the great history of Clan Drummond involvement in building and ownership of some of Scotland's greatest castles

Clan Drummond & Royalty

Clan Drummond and the Scottish throne

Love, Tyrany and Murder


News & Updates

Here's something interesting for a cold wintry morning, the idea or invention of Christmas cards has generally been attributed to an Englishman named John Calcott Horsely, who designed cards in 1843, well here is the big news (and unsurprising given I am posting it here), he was actually pipped to the post by Charles Drummond of Leith, who sent New Year greetings cards to people in 1841. They proved so popular that the notion of sending seasonal cards took off. The sending of cards then exploded with invention of the adhesive stamp, no, unfortunately not another Drummond this time, but a Scot named James Chalmers of Dundee.

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